Rules & Instructions


The game is suitable for children (and adults) aged 8 and above.



Playing board containing 30 target numbers; 2 sets of 6 coloured counters; 3 dice numbered 1-6; scorepad.



Two teams play with the aim of achieving the most number of points by the end.  Both teams have 6 turns each.

‘Team A’ starts.  They roll the three dice and must use all three numbers once each in their calculation.  Teams can add, subtract, multiply and/or divide to arrive at a target number on the playing board, which contain all whole numbers from 1-30.  Having carried out their calculation, they place one of their coloured counters on that target number.  This score is then written on the scorepad.

(e.g. if a team rolls 3 3 4, they could decide on (3+4)×3 = 21 and so place a counter on 21 and achieve 21 points)

It is now the turn of ‘Team B’ to roll the three dice.  They do the same with their three numbers, but cannot go on a spot where a counter has already been placed. (If a team cannot place a counter, they simply score zero points and that counter is out of the game, but this is rare!)

It’s now back to ‘Team A’ again.  The game continues until both teams have completed 6 turns each.



As well as the points scored during the 6 turns, bonus points are awarded at the end of the game depending on how many consecutive counters each team has obtained in their own colour.

In this tactical part of the game, a team may prefer to ‘block’ (rather than achieving a high score or going for a run of consecutive counters) to stop their opponents from improving their own tally of consecutive counters.

Full scoring details regarding the bonus points can be found at the centre of the playing board.

  • The extra points section on the scorepad is for those creative players who may wish to add an additional method of scoring further points in the future, but only once they have mastered these official game rules.
  • The game can also be made even more challenging for advanced players by introducing one or more higher-numbered dice.



When both teams have had their 6 turns, they now calculate how many bonus points they’ve each accumulated.  These are then added to the 6 scores achieved during the game.

The winner is the team with the highest overall points total.



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