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Mathematically Possible is a superb strategy game which encourages the analysis and manipulation of numbers using the four arithmetic operations.

It is regularly used in our workshops always with positive feedback and, as a result, has been purchased by customers worldwide.

The game is suitable for children, aged 8 and above, plus older board game & puzzle enthusiasts.

Full and detailed instructions on how to play can be found further down the page.



Mathematically Possible was originally published in 2009 with a big influence from the American maths resource, 24game.

I’ve seen for myself the amazing impact this fantastic global card game has had on those who participate, so my aim was to design a similarly effective game but with a whole range of target numbers as well as involving strategy, a playing board and 2-team competition.



Since the original 2009 design, which many said bore a slight resemblance to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire logo, our Mathematically Possible game has been continually complimented on the unique ‘mouse-mat’ playing board that does not slide on tables during play.

Is this the only playing board of its kind out there?

Since then, the only dramatic change has seen a much-improved look adopted in 2012 with a more compact, practical size and added red trim.

From the very beginning the target numbers 1-30 have remained unchanged in a dartboard-style sequence.  Due to the game’s huge success and popularity, players will also continue to manipulate three numbers from 1-6 after rolling the dice.

The game has always been packaged in a drawstring bag due to ease of storage.  We are also aware that boxes containing board games can easily break and therefore potentially lead to lost game pieces.

The most recent addition to the game is the inclusion of a small scorepad within the bag; it seems extremely popular with players.

Since being available on the market, many schools throughout the UK have invested in Mathematically Possible, including those within the Western Education area of N.Ireland where every school has at least one copy; that’s over 250 in all.

We now have customers throughout Europe, N.America and Australia and are looking to expand into other continents.



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